Linda Hill:

“Her expertise as a LIFE System Biofeedback Specialist, Instructor and Sales Representative has helped to create a stronger foundation for their LIFE System brokerage and the practice. She provides sessions to clients along with conducting community/corporate lectures on biofeedback and state-of-the-art technology.” Her 32 plus years in the healthcare arena have been in business/practice consulting, healthcare management, sales, training and certification. Linda is also an Anti-Aging specialist, Cosmetologist, Esthetician and Certified Chiropractic Assistant.  She is currently working with integrative MD's and Bio-Dentist's that want to pave the way for a new approach in healthcare by utilizing biofeedback for achieving better results with their patients.


Priscilla Grant:

Is a Naturopathic Doctor, who partnered with Linda Hill in 2008. She brings 8 years' experience as an Anti-Aging Instructor, Biofeedback Specialist, Practitioner and Instructor. She excels in business entrepreneurship and has had great success in helping others build thriving practices. She currently practices in Chicago.

Both Priscilla and Linda are NTCB Certified Biofeedback Specialists and Instructors through Biofeedback Coach. LIFE System Sales and Training are their areas of expertise. “It is our strong desire to not just sell a LIFE System but to be very instrumental in ensuring that we offer exceptional training programs that are affordable along with the on-going support and courses needed in order to be as successful as the practitioner desires to be. We take pride in simplifying the training and certification process for our clients”.


"We are committed to the total success of the bioenergetic/biofeedback community."